Название: Без названия
Автор: Lionette
От автора: коротенькая зарисовка.

The sun was rising… It was too quiet all around him. He could almost hear sun moving.
There was a desert inside him. No wind, no rain, no snow… No life. He couldn’t say when it started; he couldn’t say what’s the reason. He couldn’t say anything. He lost his voice shouting. Calling her. Begging her not to jump.
He loved her with all his heart. She was the meaning of his life. They were going to bed together, she was the first thing he saw opening his eyes in the morning. Her smile was his sun, her tears – his rain, her laughter – his music. He never wanted more. She was the one, she was everything for him. And he was everything for her as he thought.
But one day he woke up alone. Another side of the bed was empty. He was frightened. She never left him, she always waited for him to wake up! She couldn’t leave him!
He looked through the window. Their house was standing on the little rock. They loved to spend sunset time sitting above the abyss and enjoying last rays of light licking their legs. But now he has seen something horrifying in there. He screamed. He couldn’t understand the words he shouted, but there was all his pain, his fear and his love in this scream…
He walked out the door, hardly made few steps… he found her dress hanging on the edge of the abyss… and her body laying down on the rocks below.
He lost his voice. He lost his heart. Everything was over. She would never come back. He’d never hear her voice again. Over.
A new day has begun. He was standing right at the same place. He rose his arms, opened his eyes… he fell.
Two bodies were laying on the rocks near the river. They were together in life. They are together in death. Both.

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